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Bill A. Bailey WordPress Developer

I'm a WordPress Developer

I write code to create responsive websites. I work mainly with WordPress and WooCommerce. I code using PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS.

If you're looking for a website build, plugin development, or a few hours consultation, contact me.

I work with clients from all over the globe. Those countries include Australia, Canada, USA, Sweden among others. Have a look at my testimonials and get in touch. Free 1 hour consultation.




What I Did

Convert website to a WordPress theme. The client wanted a easy to update WordPress theme and a faster loading website.

Technical Details

Responsive development
Full WordPress Integration
Custom mobile layouts & menus
Theme Customization
Plugin Development

Design | WordPress & Plugin Development


What I Did

This is a personal site which I built for the love of trekking. I also wanted to practice and show off my wordpress skills.

The website concept, design, and development were all built from scratch.

Technical Details

Design, HTML & CSS
Custom theme development
Custom Wordpress Search Functionality
Plugin Development
ACF Pro integration with custom WordPress backend
Ajax and custom caching plugin development
API development
Custom mobile layouts & menus

WordPress & Plugin Development

6One5 Retail Consulting

What I Did

Client provided design as pdf along with formulas. I converted that into a WordPress plugin that matched the design.

Technical Details

Design to HTML & CSS
Plugin Development


Hockeystick List

What I Did

Made improvement to speed and responsiveness of the website. Also customized the filter functions on website.

Technical Details

Javascript development
Plugin Development
Speed optimization

Design | WordPress

XTF Platform

What I Did

Client provided information and some images. I created the design and built WordPress website from scratch.

Technical Details

WordPress Integration


I couldn't be happier with his quality of work but what impressed me most was his professionalism and integrity on this job. I wish all hired freelancers worked with them same level of customer service & thoughtfulness.

Marlina Moreno
Pink Monkey Media Group

I definitely recommend Bill! He was wonderful to work with and completed the job exactly to the specifications. Very knowledgable on WordPress and WooCommerce.

Leslie Berry
Key Lime Designs

Bill worked overnight TWICE for us to hit our deadline. XTFPlatform really appreciates his dedication and professionalism.

Thomas Lee Johnson
Agile Immersive LLC

Bill was excellent to work with - very clear, methodical, competent, efficient and had a good personality. I look forward to working with Bill again and definitely recommend him.

Gary A.
Moonburn Inc.

Bill is incredibly skilled in WordPress + WooCommerce. Solved more than one issue that other devs could not. Highly recommended.

Rod Lynn
Rod Lynn & Co.

Currently Accepting New Projects

When you are ready email me at contact@billabailey.com.

I'm an Outdoor Enthusiast

One of my favorite things to do is to spend days trekking, preferably through some wilderness that I haven't seen before and camping in locations that have great views of the stars. It's an intoxicating feeling. I want to share that and help others get out and experience the same.

These are my side projects that aim to do just that:


Diverse Outdoors

The goal for DiverseOutdoors.org is to get more people of diverse backgrounds participating in outdoor activities. Through amplifying the representation of underrepresented groups, I hope to inspire others to take the leap and enter these spaces that have traditional been thought of as not for them.


Trekking Solo

TrekkingSolo provides complete information for treks. Trekking South America without a guide I saw how much time it takes to find information on doing these treks. Information online is spread between blog posts, hiking info sites, and travel forums. In some cases you'll only find information when you get there and speak to locals. I'll continue working to curate all the information one will need in order to do any of the treks listed.

Work with me

These are my passion projects that I hope they will make a difference in the outdoor industry. If you're interested in doing something with me, whether it's providing information, sponsorship, or partnerships, send me an email at contact@billabailey.com.